which modules to use for 434/868 mHz

  • Hello,
    I am trying to understand which module i can use to control lights and to monitor sensor data which are working on 434/868mHz.
    I tried nrf905, cc1101, but cannot find working code.
    Do you have/know some modules that can be controlled via python?

    also is it possible to connect 2.4 ghz module and 434/868mhz module at once on raspberry pi.
    i want to create one server supporting all frequency for iot modules.

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    @Vasil-Vasilev welcome to the MySensors community!

    You can use rfm69, see https://www.mysensors.org/build/connect_radio#wiring-the-rfm69-radio

    Could you explain what you mean by controlling through python? I'm not sure how that makes sense in a MySensors context.

  • Hi,
    thanks. but i need modules for raspberry pi.
    i want to create my own solution and cannot find suitable hardware.

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    @Vasil-Vasilev ok. Then MySensors might not be the right project for you. But maybe you can reuse some of the Raspberry Pi gateway code/ideas. it has support for RFM69.

  • thanks for replying,
    i just want to know what i am doing.
    normally if i download some code, i have to read it from beginning and to understand what it is doing, so i can improve it in future.
    and everybody know that this is impossible with other code that is 2000 files with 100000 lines of code 🙂
    it is like my hobby but for me it is interesting.
    I like your project also and know that there are many people that know what they are doing here that is why i wrote a post.
    I have tried many modules - maybe 20 from amazon and gave back because didnt worked and dont want to give up..
    now i understand that this module RFM69 is working only on one band not both.

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    @Vasil-Vasilev yes, you need to select which frequency (433 or 868 MHz) when you buy the radio module.

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