sleep() or smartsleep() in 2.0b MySensors

  • Hello,

    Has smartsleep been implemented in 2.0 or 2.0.1b?
    Did anyone use sleep function as below:

    int8_t sleep(int interrupt, int mode, unsigned long ms=0);
    int8_t smartSleep(int interrupt, int mode, unsigned long ms=0);

    I have a number of i2c sensors and I am getting data every 5 minutes or so. Also I am trying to combine lightning sensor sketch into it (IRQ is connected to D2 to interrupt). So how do I use the function to (1) sleep until D2 is interrupted and (2) sleep for 5 mins?

    In the setup for the lightning sensor I have :

    attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(IRQ_pin), alert, RISING);

    I suppose I need a sleep function at the end of loop like this:

    sleep(IRQ_PIN, CHANGE, 5*60000);

    Can anyone confirm this is how this function is now used please?

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