Create fire-effect using ws2812 leds?

  • I have seen some cool videos of users witch have used ws2812 ledstrips to create lamps witch looks like they are on fire. I have also seen that there are a hardware called fadecandy that have been used on some more advanced projects where several strips acts like a display.

    If I just want to create some "fire-lamps" can I achieve that using only a mini pro/nano and a 2812 ledstrip and the correct libraries? Or do I need some other hardware to generate the effects with good quality? I saw some post where someone hade flashed the fadecandy firmware to a teensy, but the teensy is about the same price as the fadecandy so I don't really se the advantage of that.

    If I need a fadecandy or similar could I flash that firmware to a nano instead or is the fadecandy not needed?


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