partial upgrade of nodes to v2.0 library?

  • hi everybody.

    maybe im quite delayed with my question, which regards to the new 2.0 library version.

    i have a big network of nodes combined of 11 switches (binary switch sketch) and 13 temp\humidity nodes scattered along a greenhouse
    where the farest node from the controllrer is about 221 meter. all units except 3 close ones use rp-sma nrf-2.4 units, and i have also 3 repeaters along the way.

    i have from time to time disconnections that are solved by reseting those nodes(unplug - replug from electricity).
    some of the nodes i've upgraded with nrf socket or itead nano IO shield to give the NRF direct power supply.

    now, all my nodes and gateways run on V1.5.4 library, can i upgrade only the gateways or repeaters? can i install only new nodes with the new version?

    updating every node will involve in going with my laptop along the greenhouse for reuploading, finding the correct sketch, defining the correct nrf channel (for remote nodes via lan-GW)

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    Minimal would be gw and repeaters but it is better to update all your network if you don't want to search for an issue 😉
    Explained in docs if i remember. You should have a look at main docs, lot of infos 🙂

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    I'm running a mixed setup of 1.5 and 2.0. it's not recommended but it may give you a little grace period while you upgrade everything (don't run in this configuration long term). I upgraded my gateway and I'm working on the sensors slowly. Everything is working fine for now.

  • @petewill

    Thanks a lot.

    In that case i think I'll make a detailed list of all my sketches (i modify a lot to fit my needs) and make a tour with my laptop to upload the v2 sketches.
    Maybe it'll solve the problems with losing connection for some of the nodes

  • Is there a big advantage to upgrading? I feel like 1.54 meets my needs for motion sensors and light sensors. I've read the release notes, but does v2.0 offer increased reliability? Like most people, upgrading would be an all day event, especially since most of the sketches have been modified to meet my specific needs. My therapist is right when she says I'm afraid of trying new things and commitment. 🙂

  • Hi @abrasha ! I'm doing this tutorial "" . but i have many problem because humiditysensors is not have in mysensors v2.0. i found humiditysensor in v1.5.4 and convert skecth to v2.0 but it's not working. Can you send me your code if it's working?. thanks

  • @pbcstudios

    Well, that's my opinion also about Android version - sometimes it can make things worse with new bugs that overcome the few new features that's been added.


    Well, i didn't try any sketch for now with the v2 version so i can't tell. Also my humidity sketch is one of the sketches i didn't modify.
    My mods include combining several sensors into one node (e.g. 2 door sensor , one dht, one dallas temp),
    Or reading industrial sensors of pressure and EC through 4-20ma protocol and sending them as "temperature" readings because they have the longest log in domoticz.

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