AC dimmer

  • Hello.
    Im looking for as simple AC dimmer as possible. Is this going to work ?:
    AQH is non-zerro cross and can handle up to 1.2A

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but the AQH3223 appears to be a solid state relay chip. How would you use that for dimming? I would think you would need a triac circuit.

  • Its actually an Optocoupler.

  • @v1ck Actually it IS NOT an optocoupler. It is in fact an SSR. It IS optically coupled providing galvanic isolation, but it is not an optocoupler. Here is the datasheet. I am not sure if sending a pulse width modulated signal from the arduino would actually dim the output or not with this chip. One other thing. From the looks of the device, it would only be for use with resistive loads, so you couldn't switch anything inductive like a motor.

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