Ultra small ESP8266 node with 2 channel relay&temperature&dimmer Project

  • Hello There !
    for a past few months im working on ultra small (to fit behind switch ) ESP12F node to controll lights ( along with dimming function ) and temperature measurment.

    I have done some tests - and so far so good but i need some help designing a proper PCB.

    Here is what i`ve got :

    Relays are DIP8 AQH3223 which can handle up to 250w ( perfect for lighting isn`t it ? )
    ZeroCross detector PC814 with two high power 68K resistors
    and 1-Wire temperature sensor.

    And 3d design( without dimmer parts )

    3_1480269735413_esppcb4.jpg 2_1480269735397_esppcb3.jpg 1_1480269735397_esppcb2.jpg 0_1480269735397_esppcb1.jpg

    Screw terminal - AC OUT
    JST 3PIN - temperature sensor
    JST 3PIN - Switch actuator
    JST 2PIN - power.

    so the goal here is to make it as small as possible ( sandwitch style :D) ( imagin there are 2.0mm pitch goldpins as connectors between boards - could not find them in KiCad.. )

    Both, dimmer and relays has been testes and working with attached schematic so i would like to know if there is anyone who could help me designing a proper PCB for this thing ?


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