Combine RFlink Gateway instead of building mysensors gateway?

  • First off im fresh of the boat and is about to begin my first projects.

    I have a few 433mhz switches in the house already and zwave is expensive i went and bought an arduino mega and a 433mhz transmitter/reciver and hooked em up last night.

    Using em in domoticz.

    The question is.. I have a order of alot of stuff from aliexpress for mysensors projects incomming.
    The plan was to build a usb gateway and use it on the same raspberry as my RFlink gateway.

    But now i see that the RFlink supports mysensors since oktober 2016?
    Does this mean if i add a 2,4ghz trancever on my mega i can controll both my 433mhz AND the mysensors network from it?

    Ive tried googleing and searching but i cant get any clear answer.
    Anyone with knowlage about this

  • Hmmm found out that it only will recieve data not send it.

    Oh well, another gateway it is 🙂

  • Admin

    Probably better to build a separate gateway, especially if you later decide to enable signing/encryption which I doubt the RFLink gateway handles.

  • Is there any way to connect mysensors gateway to RFlink Gateway board: Rx/Tx or SDA/SCL

    How enable: Wire connections (OPTIONAL)

  • @ijobain Hi, I am in the same condition: RFlink Gateway ---> Raspberry--->Domoticz, just built a MySensor node (Power Pulse meter using arduino mini pro 3.3v) but it doesn't work using the original sketch.... ia m looking for some fix... or built a new real MySensor Gateway running on Raspberry... Any advise?!
    PS: Why RFLink don't use a complete MySensor Gateway (not a just RX GW) ?? It's based on MEGA, it can manage it...!?!

  • Hardware Contributor

    like posted posted above, better use a true Mysensors gw.
    Someone can correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think RFLink (traffic sniffer??) run the true Mysensors serial gw sketch, nor can use signing feature.
    I've no rflink so i'm not exactly sure how it works in software, i just took a look a while ago at the code.

  • Mod

    I think it's not worth spending time on a half working solution when there is a working one that's very cheap

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