USB Gateway NRF24L01 external power supply

  • Hi everybody,
    I'm experiencing the well known range problems with NRF24L01+, I read and tried a lot of fixes, starting from the capacitor, the adapter board, and external power source.
    I'm starting to think the problem is the usb gateway, it is a Nano, with NRF24L01+ connected to the Socket Adapter Board, plugged to mini pc running Domoticz through USB.
    Maybe the gateway configuration provide no enough current for the nrf24l01 working properly?

    Do you think using another usb connection and a 3.3v regulator to power the radio possibly could fix the problem?

    Thanks for your ideas!

  • check this

    I had lots of problems until I changed nRF hardware

  • Thanks for your reply. I saw your link, are you talking about the external metal enclosure or about using the pa lna module? What range do you reach with your configuration?

  • I mean that you should try with a new nRF.
    I thought I fixed my problem when it worked for 2 days but I got error again.
    I finally changed the nRF and all my problems was gone.
    I recommend to use nRF PA LNA for a gateway then you have a strong nRF where all data shall arrive.

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