RPI + ESP8266

  • Hi All!

    I am totally new to MySensors. I already have a home IOT smart house network with my own HW and SW, but would like to migrate to a better supported/organized scheme.

    To begin with I have just a few questions.
    Can MySensors work ONLY with RPI(as a controller) and ESP8266 (as sensors)?

    I would run Domoticz on RPI... is there something else that sould run on RPI? What would the gateway be in this case?

    I can not find any example code for ESP8266 sensors. Can you point me to the right direction where I can find some.

    Thank you very much!

  • Mod

    @CRF yes you could run a home automation system with a raspberry pi as controller and esp8266 gateways with locally attached sensors, assuming you have reliable wifi coverage everywhere you want to put sensors.

    I use the Domoticz raspberry pi image which includes some other nice tools such as Node Red.

    Each esp8266 could then be a gateway. All gateways must be added to Domoticz.

    There are no esp8266 sensor examples. But there are no Arduino Uno examples either. Most sensor examples can be run on any mcu.

  • Thank you for the explanation. That is good news.

    Where did you find the whole Domoticz image for RPI? I can only see the installation package on Domoticz page.

  • Mod

    @CRF interesting. Domoticz seems to have removed support for the image. This old page had information https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/index.php?title=Domoticz_RaspberryPi_SD_Image&oldid=216&diff=prev

    I guess installing by running

    sudo curl -L install.domoticz.com | bash

    is the way to go nowadays.

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