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  • I'm working with mysensors since vesion v1.5 and I'm really impressed about the feature set and how easy it is to implement a new node.

    In the meanwhile I have ~10 nodes installed and last weekend I upgraded to v2.1 - so far so good 😉

    During the update I thought about how I can improve the stability of my system - maybe another motivation was that my wife's mood was really sad due to offline time of the system during the update - I worked 2h on that and during this time my light and some other stuff stopped working. Do you know the statement - "happy wife - happy life" 😉

    I have a central gateway with node red and mqtt and 2 router nodes to increase the communication distance.

    The main question is - how can I detect the downtime of my gateway in a node to enter a defined "offline mode". For example - I have some light controller nodes with connected PIR modules - in online mode the PIR sends a message and the controller activates the light for a dedicated time. If the network is down it would be great if the node handles this logic by it's own - without any controller. If the network is online again the node goes back to its default behavior.

    I read the API documentation - specially about the function "send"
    There is a return value - but I couldn't find any clear description or example how to handle this return value correctly. Another question is - what about if there is a router node between node and gateway?

    Does anyone has an idea how to implement such an offline detection mechanism?

    Many thanks for your help in advance,

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    @JoergP We have been talking about similar things in these posts



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