Domoticz, MQTT and OTA - All in one

  • What I am aiming for is a Domoticz controller using an MQTT Ethernet gateway running on a RPI with Pro Mini (8MHz and 16Mhz) nodes using nRF24L01 radios. All this I can get running, no problem. The question is how do I deploy OTA firmware updates.

    I know Domoticz does not support OTA. MYScontroller does but not via MQTT. MyController does but does it support MQTT and is it a viable alternative to Domoticz?

    Currently my thinking is to have a completely separate Ethernet or Serial Arduino Gateway to be used only for OTA. When I need to do firmware updates I will have to disconnect the RPI MQTT Gateway and fire up the dedicated gateway to do the OTA updates with MYScontroller.

    Does this makes sense or is there a better way??

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