Hello! + Gateway question - Ethernet vs. Rpi1

  • Hello everyone! I'm super excited to be starting on my home automation project! I found this website last night, and ended up staying up till 4am reading about this community! I've been on forums my whole life, but this is my first time ever actually joining a posting 😎 I Ordered 3 Arduinos, 10 nrf's, and a bunch of other hardware on Amazon this morning, just waiting for it to arrive so I can get started!

    I just have 1 question about selecting a gateway. I ordered the hardware so I can build an ethernet gateway with an Arduino, but I see that the RPi1 is also supported. Is there any benefit to using the Pi instead of an Arduino? I saw that the Pi can run the controller, but I plan on running OpenHAB on my unraid server.

    I'd rather use the Pi and keep an arduino free for sensors, but just want get some thoughts before I start out.



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    Of course you could use rpi as gateway, but as personal advice I'd suggest to get some mini pro as sensor nodes and keep the Uno as the gateway or the prototype platform. The most flexible solution would be to make an mqtt ethernet gateway and use rpi as mqtt broker and controller with openhab or whatever else you like, since the mqtt in the middle allows also to have multiple controllers. I also wanted to try openhab and tried openhabian but it turned out to be too complicated, so I moved to domoticz and it was much easier to put things together.

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