Sensbender micro interrupts

  • Hello,

    i currently have 4 Sensbender Micro and i am planning to build door/window sensors off them.

    i already created 2 single sensors and they are working perfectly. I used a simple REED contact connected on GND and D3 as D3 is an interrupt i could use the BinarySwitchSleepSensor example to build it.(

    PS. a reed switch fits perfectly between the GND and D3, and rests on the extra PCB part of the sensbender!

    Though, now i want to build 1 sensor with 2 reed contacts. normally the example sketch would be perfect for it. but i noticed that on the arduino the only pins that have intterupt are pin 2 and 3. And on the Sensbender micro there is no D2.

    Is there a other pin on the board that supports intterupts? or should i build it like so that i use D3 as intterupt and also connect the senors to other digital in's to check the actual status of each sensor.
    That way i use D3 as a wakeup call. And D4 and D5 for the actual switch status.

  • Admin

    You'll have to modify it a bit.

    Cut the IRQ leg off from the radio and solder (or if you have the space) plug in a wire into the socket.

  • @hek So the IRQ pin is connected to the Arduino D2?

    AH nvm i checked the schematic and found it, thanks!
    will try this!

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