Hacking a remote control Hunter ceiling fan controller

  • So a while back I got a used Hunter ceiling fan controller with a remote from a friend. It has 3 fan speeds as well as a line for a light. The remote runs on 350 MHz and I have been trying for a while to figure out a way to MySensorize it. I decided to dig it out again today and take another look. Here is a pic of the main controller:
    0_1485752967713_upload-33ce6c75-df62-44db-a6ae-cd703ac91896 0_1485754229270_upload-7a9a9b1f-b2d3-4e9e-ad41-650753165985
    After popping the cover on the unit, one of the first things I noticed was the radio receiver daughter board which has 4 connections that go to the main board (VSS1, VSS2, P3 and DATA):
    I then decided to look inside the remote. The remote runs on a Holtek HT-12E chip which I found out is a remote control encoder chip which I believe is what the E stands for.
    I looked up the data sheet for the chip and it seems pretty straight forward as far as how to run the chip. It looks like the buttons on the remote connect to the data lines of the chip and pull the lines low. I am thinking that I can get one of these chips and interface it with a pro mini fairly easy. I should just be able to wire the output of the chip to the DATA line from the radio on the controller. I could take it a step further and also get an HT-12D chip which is the decoder and wire that also to the data line. This way I could still have use of the remote and be able to receive commands from the remote to report back to my Vera controller on the MySensors end. The main controller apparently uses a chip-on-board version of the HT-12D chip that is under a black epoxy dot on the main board, so it is not easy to interface to it which is why I figure I'd need to get the decoder chip. I can get 2 sets of these from ebay fairly cheap: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2Pair-4pcs-Hotek-HT12D-HT12E-DIP-18-IC-Remote-Decoder-Encoder-/272410557408?hash=item3f6cef3be0:g:cAQAAOSw-CpX~hgD

    If I can get this all working, and, if I can get more of these, I can use these in all of my ceiling fans. I'll keep the board posted on the progress as I make headway. I'll order the chips today, but coming from China may take a while.

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    @dbemowsk - I love following ongoing projects - good luck and keep us posted :)

  • I'm actually working on something similar right now. I also ripped apart my remote control.

    Originally I was planning on getting a radio transceiver set to read and then mimic the remote codes, but I couldn't get it working.

    So instead I'm in the process of connecting the remote board Frankenstein style to an arduino with transistors and stuff.

    The remote board has contact patches for all the buttons, and if you connect them to ground it triggers that specific button.

    So my final build will have the remote control board, a pro mini, nrf and other parts all cobbled together and stuck in a box on my nightstand. From there I can use my phone domoticz app to control anything.

    I'm also adding a temperature sensor so I can automatically control the fan based on room temperature.

  • I received the chips for this project, but I have so many irons in the fire right now, I just haven't had time to get to it. It will be coming soon though.

    @micah, what type of ceiling fan controller is it? Maybe you can do something like I am doing. I just bought a set of controller chips. There is the HT-12E and the HT-12D, the encoder and decoder respectively. I am just going to connect one of the encoder chips to a pro mini and pump the signal in where the signal comes off the radio receiver. Then I'll 3D print an enclosure that will attach that assembly to the controller. Or even better, make a whole new enclosure for the whole works.

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