Heating - review my schema

  • Hello All,
    I am beginner and want to start with heating scheme. I have read many articles here and ready for try (I hope 🙂 ).
    Want to manage my heating system in the house (5 heating circuits with water).
    Will buy a collector, room thermostats and actuators for each circuit.
    Could you please review my schema and give a feedback if my understanding is wrong?
    Thank you. 0_1486657494666_MySensors HVAC Scheme.jpg

  • Hardware Contributor


    Looks like you got it right 😉

    Yes, you may need at a moment:

    • avr isp programmer for writing the bootloader firmware in case.
    • ftdi programmer for writing your firmware/sketch when there is a bootloader.

  • Thank you scalz,
    will start my project in this case.

  • Arduino Uno comes with bootloader no? So programmer is not super-necessary but jus 1 or 2 money anyways.

    Can you directly drive the relay card with the Arduino?

  • Mod

    Yes, Arduino comes with bootloader but you can change it if you want to enable OTA updates from mysensors.
    Sure you can drive the relays board from arduino, just check you don't exceed maximun current from the pins or the board itself (if you power it externally you shouldn't worry much)

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