[SOLVED] radio will connect to gateway with touch radio board with finger!!!

  • hi friend about my problem with nack errors and can not connect to gateway , i found a strange issue, now radio is using a radio adapter (5 to 3.3) but i have some error about nack....
    but when i touch (with finger) radio board , suddenly radio will connect to gateway. in other means, in serial monitor i see NACK , NACK , NACK .... (for connect to gateway) and this is continuous until when i touch cristal or board (radio nrf24)suddenly connection is ok...
    the friends who are connoisseur in electronic and hardware , do you know what is problem ?!
    thank you

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    @Reza Hmmm.... What happens if you touch it with your toe?

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    I had a similar experience when trying the Sensebender Micro for the first time. I figured it might be interference from some part of the board beneath the radio, a topic that had been discussed in the forums at that time. I tried putting a small piece of aluminum foil under the antenna between the radio and the Sensebender board. This made a considerable improvement. I'm not sure of the actual cause of my symptoms but I was happy I had found a workaround.

  • @Yveaux you ridicule me? πŸ˜•

  • @martinhjelmare
    thank you for answer. but for me radio is connect with jumper wire (30cm) and this is 30 cm distance from arduino and micro...
    without radio adapter , it is not.but with radio adapter there is this issue...

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    So when you're using long 30cm wires, where do you put your decoupling/storage capacitor for your radio module? on arduino/breadboard side or close to your radio module? It needs to be as close as possible to your radio module of course. Have you tried with shorter wire? that's weird!

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    @Reza are you?
    You're not the first asking these questions here.
    Why won't you try searching first? https://www.google.com/search?q=touch+finger+site%3Amysensors.org

  • @scalz
    thank you friend for help . i used 20cm jumper cable. i used a radio adapter for radio so i have this problem. but i remove radio adapter and use a 100u capacitor again and my problem is solve . but i want found why there is this problem ! with regulator we must have any problem ! but i have problem with regulator and dont have problem with capacitor !
    also now i dont have any problem and all command will be send ! i am thanks than
    @novicit and @kk02067 for solution, i think a delay(100); was very usefull . again thank you.
    and sorry dear @hek for many topic from me. but i see @kk02067 say right about a delay in transport in this topic (https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/4987/error-sending-switch-command-check-device-hardware/14) . sorry for tag you. just i want report this for advance. thank you

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    okay. So it works better when you add a capacitor?
    so if your nack were coming from no capacitor, that's too bad! On main Mysensors pages, it's recommanded to put one, so put one πŸ˜‰

    This is a decoupling capacitor which is used for filtering and buffering power for you radio. It needs to be as close as possible to your VCC/gnd of your radios. or you'll get nack because of bad signal to noise ratio etc..
    You can learn things here if you want to understand : https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/capacitors/application-examples

    The LDO regulators does not prevent this, especially if you're using chinese clone boards which very often have out of specs regulators. Which also means you can get a better power supply, if needed, just by replacing it by a genuine or a better one (filtering better, because there are not all equal, regarding the power input supply). But that doesn't prevent you to use a decoupling capa for the radios because of what i've explained above.

    If you're using switching regulators (not LDO regulator) it's even more important! and capa for those is often not enough, needing additional filtering for better reliable com.

    Like this you shouldn't have no more ack.. πŸ™‚

  • dear @scalz perhaps Misunderstanding in my english! first i use capacitor ! 4.7u and 100u and 470u ! but was problem again and dont solve. so i replace capacitor with radio adapter ( AMS1117 regulator) but dont solve again. also i use radio adapter with capacitor (both) but problem again... so i did tired and continues with alone radio adapter with 50% NACK . so when i think found a solution ( delay(100);) so i change library and again load all relays and gateway. then i see radio just work with touch finger. i put a topic because this is strange for me and i want see there is a similar experiment between members!then i test again with capacitor instate of radio adapter... so i see work well ! now i have less 5% NACK . this is related to a delay(100) . again thank you

  • And if you use wait(100); in stead of delay() you might have even less NACKs!

  • @DavidZH hi. Really ? I will test it . thank you

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