Humidity and Temp examples. Where are they?

  • Hi,

    in the Arduino IDE i am missing the Dallas Temperature examples and the humidity examples. I think everybody using it. Why is it not there?
    So confusing with all different libraries and versions for beginners.... Would be good if at least the examples are complete with the most used sketches.

    Or am i missing something?

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    @edsteve some of the examples require external libraries. The Arduino IDE can't handle one library (MySensors in our case) needing something from another library (the Dht library for example). So if the temperature example was included in MySensors, it would not work unless the user manually installed the Dht library. In some cases, such as with the Dht library, some versions are not compatible with the MySensors code. So in addition to knowing to install the Dht library manually, the user would also need to know the correct version of the library and how to install that exact version.

    The example sketch for the temperature sensor is available on the same page as the wiring guide for that sensor,

    On that page are also instructions on how to get the correct version of the Dht library.

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    @edsteve most of the examples that need other libraries are no longer included when you install Mysensors.
    If you have a look Here in the examples folder you will find what you need.

    Edit: oops you beat me to it @mfalkvidd 🙂

  • Okay. So that means all the MySensor examples in the Arduino IDE only use Mysensors.h and no external library.

    Thx for the info. That explains it.

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    Always look at the includes in the beginning of the sketch, if you don't have that file in the library folder, you need to download the appropriate library and library manager will help you find it most of the time

  • where do we have to copy/paste the folder MysensorArduinoExemplesMaster ?

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    Just install mysensors library from library manager and the examples will be also showing in the arduino ide

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    @gohan not for the MySensorsArduinoExamples.

    But I am not sure where to paste it.

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    my best guess would be in Arduino\libraries\MySensors\examples if you want to see them in the Arduino Ide as examples under the MySensors section

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    I think so too. To be clear, this is my guess:
    MySensorsArduinoExamples/libraries/* goes into Arduino/libraries/
    MySensorsArduinoExamples/examples/* goes into Arduino/libraries/MySensors/examples/

  • Again:
    Look at "MockMySensors" sketch in MySensors example library.
    All type of sensors has got presentation and sending or receiving function examples for them there.

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