Soldering RFM to Sensebender

  • Hi guys!

    So my shiny little Sensebender gateway arrived today in the post, man am I excited!

    Just had a question, I need to solder the RFM69 to the underside of the module, but I have never done that kind of overlay solder before, and just wanted to check. do I need any insulation between the RFM and the sensebender? Or does the green mask provide for the electrical isolation? So, do I just lay the RFM onto the sensebender and solder the pads?

    And I'm guessing I still need to have the antenna wire soldered on to the RFM, even though there is a corresponding pad on the sensebender underneath the antenna pad on the RFM.

  • Admin


    You can solder the RFM69 module directly on the Sensebender. There is two position pinheader for the antenna (the antenna pad is connected to this).

  • Many thanks @tbowmo I'll sit down tonight and fire up the iron, looking forward to freeing up another pro-mini back into the pool for more sensors!! 🙂

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