NRF24l01 1.27mm Arduino Pro Mini Adapter board

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    Not really a project, not my own design but I think this adapter board can be of use to many. The board was published by Kauz on

    I breadboard a lot of pro-mini circuits to be MySensor'ized at a later stage and have been using the jModule frequently upto now, The jModule includes a 3.3V LDO and does the job well. However this adapter has the advantage that it breaks out all the pro-mini pin's in their original spot and keeps most of the form factor (you need to use a 3.3V pro-mini).

    A few pictures:

    The components
    0_1487515596830_upload-14a7811c-934f-4ad2-b2aa-23f2c71488f2 The yellow part is a smd tantalum 4.7uF capacitor. I had the smd nRF24l01 already soldered on the board (takes a little exercise).

    Soldered with pin headers. The author soldered it "trough-hole" without headers.
    0_1487515869578_upload-4626267c-7169-4475-9aa7-e11e40db09190_1487516051581_upload-0e1db919-3304-4dc2-881b-9c0c2e3b9bdf You need wires from the board to Vcc and Gnd.

    Comparison with jModule:
    0_1487515950101_upload-9d222b3f-c342-426e-9e08-8fda9201a10e 0_1487515980034_upload-c1a4776d-8746-4b15-9324-3df09369f6dd

    Ready for 4 new MySensors projects 🙂

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    Thanks for posting this! I am just getting past the breadboard/UNO stage and your timing is perfect. So far I have only used NRF24L01+PA+LNA and I want to build smaller units with NRF24L01+.

    Would it be possible for you to post your photo ("the components") with higher resolution? There are so many different NRF modules sold and I cannot see the details of the NRF module this adapter board will fit. Also can you share the source/model for the NRF module?

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    But those nrf24 modules are not the usual form factor, are they?

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    @Grubstake Here you go. For the nRF24l01 modules search for "smd nRF24l01". I got them here. @gohan these small modules have given me less problems than the large one's.
    I marked the pad's where you connect Vcc (+) and Gnd(-) and on the small pads you can solder the capitor. It's where I used the tantalum one but you can probably fit a small electrolytics one (with wire) also.


  • Would it be possible to take 3.3 Volt from e.g. PIN 8 and GND from PIN 7?

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    @flopp that is the intention you have the freedom to attach any pin, just be aware of the max sink sure current. I made a shortcut for ground on the other side of the board and the easiest route to the ftdi helder.

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