How to test/monitor packet loss for each radio node?

  • I've seen a bunch of comments about packet loss % in various discussions here. Despite searching here and Googling, darned if I can figure out the technique (hardware, software). I understand what packet loss is, have looked at this in troubleshooting my LAN, but when it comes to packets in the MySensors radio network, I am at a loss.

    I'm trying to figure out potential relay issues and was quite surprised to find that the NRF+PA+LNA radios I bought easily reached several hundred feed through several stucco (wire mesh) and internal walls. Then the cheap typical 'bag 'o boards' are often doing the same thing. (And everyone here complains they only go "a few meters/yards". So I'm suspicious.

    I want to cover 3 separate buildings each 100-200 ft apart and had SWAG'd using PA+LNA radios for gateway and relay to each separate building and the cheap boards within each building. I'm paranoid that my binary range testing is not enough.


  • @boozz said in How to test/monitor packet loss for each radio node?:

    Thanks, Ronald. I will definitely be putting together one of these very shortly. Looks handy for testing coverage and new radios.

    In addition to this approach, has anyone come up with a technique for monitoring all the nodes on an ongoing basis and flagging problems in real time?

    I greatly appreciate the value of the shared contributions on this forum!



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