PCB idea, another basic node board.

  • Hi

    I have a PCB board Idea that I plan to create. I would like to share my idea here and also will ask if some one is willing to pitch in on design ideas.

    I seen 2 PCB boards that in different ways fits my needs. So my idea now is to make my own PCB by merging the main ideas of those two boards in a way that fits me.

    The inspirational boards Im talking about.

    Easy/Newbie PCB for MySensors

    My Slim 2AA Battery Node

    My idea is to take some of the Dynamic/Basic/simple part from the Newbie node and make it a bit slimmer towards the Slim node.

    In order to use a standard Arduino Pro mini Im going to use a wider cable duct as housing. Im planing on using a 25*16mm

    I was thinking about making the board about 23x100mm. I was hoping to manage to "panelize" the design so that I could get 3 PCBs from a single 100x100mm PCB.
    My idea is to order my PCB from DirtyPCB, a protopack would then give about 30 pcbs for $16.95 plus shipping.

    Im not sure if it will have to be 100mm long
    I think I will have to use 90degrees female pin headers for the Booster in order to get the board not to become to thick.

    I am an absolut noob at making PCBs, have only made one before. It was a MySensor PCB and it worked like a charm and it was really fun to make.

    The image is just a test with loads of unused space. The Arduino part is a pro MICRO, a Adafruit version with same pinout if I have understod correct. I hope to find the time to make my own parts. Im using DipTrace to design the board.

    alt text

    Iv got many things that I dont know about this board.

    • Width of different routes
    • How to Panelise a board to 3 small board
    • More...

    If some one have some pointers on usual noob mistakes that would be great.


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    👍 looks good! If you read the slim-node and EasyPCB thread you will probably find alof of our first mistakes and thoughts...

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