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  • Had a look at this controller. Looks like a great thing. I attempted to get this to run under Ubuntu but was unable t get it to run. Nothing in the logs to indicate an issue. Is there any support available for this?

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    @Gouds maybe try the "support forum" link?

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    @Gouds thanks for having a look at my controller first of all! myHouse is supported only on Raspberry (Raspbian) and Orange Pi Zero (Armbian) so far so I may guess this is the reason why it is not running correctly. I've never thought about Ubuntu but it makes sense. You can still have a MySensors gateway running there or connecting to it without a GPIO. I have a new version ready to be released in a few days, I'll see if I can add support for Ubuntu by then.

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    @Gouds I've just added support for Ubuntu (well, should now run fine on any debian-based distribution) in this dev release: https://sourceforge.net/p/my-house/code/ci/8c70a57ed0267f0f2eda3ad9fbaada0462f95765/tree/ if you want to give it a try. Overwrite the files in the existing folder and run again the install.py and upgrade.py scripts.

    If you have any issue during installation/configuration which is not MySensors-related, please drop a message here: https://sourceforge.net/p/my-house/forum/general

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    The new release of myHouse (v2.4) is now available for download from https://sourceforge.net/projects/my-house/.

    Short changelog for this version:

    • Added support for SMS/phone call notifications through an attached GSM module
    • Added support for activating a buzzer when an alert triggers
    • Added support for Orange Pi GPIO
    • Added support for running on a generic debian-based linux distribution
    • Enhanced the scheduler's flexibility
    • Enhaced the rule-based engine's capabilities
    • Added additional backup options
    • Bug fixes and minor enhancements

    As for the MySensors plugin, which is pretty solid since the previous release, I've added support for the new INTERNAL messages added to the beta release (even if it is kind of early) and handled the new I_PRE_SLEEP_NOTIFICATION as I_HEARTBEAT_RESPONSE (that is by releasing the queue of messages to sensors implementing smart sleep).

    As always, follow the installation/upgrade instructions from the documentation after downloading. For any issue, have a look at the relevant sections in the FAQ or use the forum (https://sourceforge.net/p/my-house/forum/) for anything which is not MySensors-related. Feel free to report any issue with the MySensors plugin either here or in the myHouse forum.


  • For me myHouse is by far the best controller i tried. I can configure it the way i want.. modules, widgets, nice graphs, webcams.. you name it! There are just so many options.
    I did not yet try out all the things i like (like Slack bot, or running scripts, combining multiple sensors in one graph,.. etc.), but so far: i'm impressed.
    My MySensors sensors (i'm not stuttering) are now being displayed in myHouse.
    The only thing worth mentioning is: One should take time to read the documentation well before start changing the config file. It's not so hard to comprehend but i guess for some it can get complicated handling so many nested structures. A good editor, to change the config, can make things a lot easier (one that can collapse/expand, or even correct syntax).
    I followed the instructions, created my own design/layout, got myself some API-keys, installed the software, and all worked the first time. And i had to learn about Linux as i went along 🙂 because i'm a newbee Linux user. --help
    Great job user2684..

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