Breadboard PSU + Mega Serial GW + NRF24L01+PA+LNA?

  • Hello Guys!

    I have been Googling for the last 2-3 hours, but didn't find a definitive answer, so I hope You guys can help me!
    My nrf24+pa-lna module has arrived, and I plan to connect it to the gateway (so maybe I don't need a repeater node anymore).
    Right now, on the GW I have the nrf24l01+, that is powered by the Mega.
    The Mega is powered through usb from the Pi, that is the serial controller.
    If I see correctly, the new, pa-lna module needs 150+mA, so it should not be powered from the 3v3 pin of the Mega.
    But I have a "standard" YwRobot Breadboard PSU.

    So, the question is: Do I need to connect a GND on the Mega and a GND on the Breadboard PSU? As stated here:

    Do I need, or is it advised to power the Mega with the Vin pin, from the PSU? (USB must be attached too).

    ...or should I do it some other way I didn't think about?

    It is strange that I was not able to find general useful information about how to use Breadboard PSU and Arduino (except nano) together.

    Thanks for Your time!

  • Hero Member

    Hey @vobi !

    GND needs to be interconnected, so yes: same GND to Breadboard PSU, Arduino and GND.

    Don't connect Vin to the PSU, Vin expects 7-12V.

  • @TimO

    Great, thank You!

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