NRF24 specific settings

  • Hello Guys!

    I still having issues with my nrf24 ranges...

    Anyway, I have some specific questions:

    How can I change CRC length (I guess default is 16, so maybe to 8?)

    How can I change (limit) the maximum payload size? I dont use custom payloads, so setting it to max 7-8 should be good. (Or mys uses dynamic payloads?)
    I hope this could give me better ranges (

    I have found all these settings in RF24.h but Im not that experienced programmer, to know how all these come together (I can use PA levels, and data rate, as there are examples for that).
    What are these other features, how can (should I) I use/check/change them?

    #define RF24_LNA_HCURR (0) - (NON P model something?)
    #define RF24_RF_DR_LOW (5)
    #define RF24_RF_DR_HIGH (3) (is this default?)
    #define RF24_RF_PWR_LOW (1)
    #define RF24_RF_PWR_HIGH (2) (is this default?)

    Any other idea on the software side please?
    (Already using 250k, PA MAX...)

    Thank You!

  • Mod

    I'd start to look better on the HW side, like antenna and such, but if you got cheap nrf24 clones there is not much you could do

  • @gohan Thanks for the answer, but that was not the question. 🙂
    BTW, already doing that, too.

  • Mod

    @vobi if you haven't already, check out the range troubleshooting flowchart at

    MySensors uses dynamic payloads unless you have activated signing (the signature uses all available payload space).

  • @mfalkvidd Thanks for the help, well, it looks like I have to use a repeater...
    Anyways, if someone can come up with an explanation, please share! 🙂

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