Newb can't get a clean compile

  • New to Arduino. I'm trying to create a serial gateway. I have a genuine UNO with a 8266 WIFI. Hopefully wired correctly. I did it per the MySensors serial gateway video.

    I've downloaded Arduino IDE ver 1.8.2 and MySensors ver 2.1.1. I can compile the Arduino example blink and it loads and runs fine. When I try to compile GatewaySerial I get errors. I suspect I don't have things in the right place. Hopefully the errors below will be something that is just a common mistake.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    WARNING: Category '' in library UIPEthernet is not valid. Setting to 'Uncategorized'
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\MySensors archive\MySensors -2.1.1\MySensors-master\examples\GatewaySerial\GatewaySerial.ino:84:23: fatal error: MySensors.h: No such file or directory

    #include <MySensors.h>


    compilation terminated.

    exit status 1
    Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno.

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    I think you are mixing things up : what are you trying to achieve? What are your components and project?

  • Thanks for responding.

    I am trying to build a serial gateway to interface with HomeSeer. There will be several additional nodes that will have various sensors such as motion and temp/humidity.

    I used the serial controller project under the build tab.

    I have used a UNO instead of a Nano. I am trying to compile the GatewaySerial project in the mysensors 2.1.1. example folder. No changes.

    When I compile, I get the errors as listed in the first post.

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    @logbuilder probably you are missing some defines. How are you going to connect the sensors? In addition I'm not sure if you can use mysensors gateway with the esp8266 on a UNO

  • In the examples that come with mysensors 2.1.1 there are a couple of 8266 gateways. I can get none of them to compile.

    Right now I am just trying to get a clean compile. The MySensors.h file is in the MySensors root directory.

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    @logbuilder welcome to the MySensors community.

    Based on the error in your first post, the Arduino IDE is unable to find the MySensors library.

    Install the MySensors library using the Library Manager. That will make sure all files end up in the right folders. Instructions are available at

    Also note that the MySensor esp8266 examples are meant for a standalone esp8266. They do not work on an esp8266 shield. See for an earlier discussion on this topic.

  • Thanks for the input @mfalkvidd

    In mysensors 2.1.1, there is no library folder. Apparently all the libs were incorporated into the core starting with ver 2.0

    Not sure how to do the equivalent to what you say in 2.+.

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    @logbuilder yes and no.

    The MySensors library should be installed from the library manager. The error you are getting is due to the MySensors library not being correctly. The instructions I linked to are for MySensors 2.+

    Some third party libraries (not MySensors itself) was moved to a separate git repository when 2.0 was released. This does not affect the example sketches shipped within the MySensors library.

  • @mfalkvidd

    Well,you got me to thinking about this. I guess that loading of the libs is what used to get the .H files in the right place and telling the compiler that they exist. So I decided why not try it even though there is no lib folder. I took the whole mysensors 2.1.1 folder and told the library manager to add it. No errors. I then went into the library manager and it said 2.1.1 was in fact installed. Loaded up GatewaySerial and it compiled fine with board of UNO, Nano and nodeMCU.

    Loaded it onto a nodeMCU and it is running. In the serial monitor I can see messages from the board. It is indicating some problem with initialization but that is another thread.

    I really, really thank you for giving me some ideas.

    Ultimately I'm trying to add some adruino sensor devices to my HomeSeer system. There is a mysensors plugin for HomeSeer. That is a multi step process but getting a cleanly compiled program to run on a wifi enabled device is a major step. Hopefully the nodeMCU will work out as well as it looks. Next step is to get the mysensors plugin installed in HomeSeer and get everybody to talk to each other.

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    @logbuilder great work. Thanks for reporting back.

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