Yet another simple roller shutter (cover) node

  • SO after the "success" ;( of my previous design "simple relay actuator" i did another one for roller shutter.

    Main goals were:

    1. Simple design (NO SMT) all throe hole
    2. Safe, AC-DC, fuses, creepage etc...
    3. Cheap, no expensive hardware
    4. Easy to build, anyone could do it

    Main Components:

    • Hi-Link AC-DC PSU
    • 2 relay design one for power one for direction
    • Atmega328p-pu
    • nrf24l-01 radio

    IT works very well for me with my Home Assistant controller HA, i am using time to set its position nothing too complicated.

    Again, please comment and ask questions as you wish, thanks for the great feedback this forum is the best.
    3_1491761552677_up.jpg 2_1491761552676_e_up.jpg 1_1491761552676_e_bot.jpg 0_1491761552675_bot.jpg

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