Can you mix RFM69 and RFM69H in one network?

  • Hi,

    I'm busy with the RFM69's atm.
    I got a serial gateway with a regular RFM69 and a node with RFM69. Both are working with eachother.

    I also got a ESP8266 gateway with RFM69H (wasnt paying attention while soldering) but the RFM69 node isn't connecting to this gateway.

    Might the "H" be the problem?

  • Mod

    @Omemanti H has more output power, which means it will need a more powerful and stable power supply. Except that, with and without H are the same.

  • Oke, thnx!

    Then I need to search somewhere else.
    It says that my radio is oke, so I guess the wiring was right..
    Ill connect an extra power supply then! maybe that works.

  • @Omemanti you'll need to uncomment this line for the RFM69H:

    #define MY_IS_RFM69HW // Mandatory if you radio module is the high power version (RFM69HW and RFM69HCW), Comment it if it's not the case

    I'm using Moteino's with and without H in the same network without issues.

    Now I'm trying to get into mysensors but I'm running into a lot of issues:

    • Node MCU with RFM69 keeps crashing after flasing it with the Gateway sketch
    • Flashing the same node with a blink script works but when I reset it or flash any larger sketch to it, it is running the old gateway sketch!
    • Can't seem to get a simple arduino pro mini to run with the RFM69

    I'd like to create a network of ESP8266 (Node MCU) + RFM69 MQTT gateway and Arduino Pro Mini + RMF69 nodes (and repeaters)

    Any tips how you got the ESP8266 or the Pro Mini working are welcome?

  • Mod

    @mpp best way would probably be to start a new thread describing what you have done, what you expected to happen and what happened instead. Also see for troubleshooting recommendations.

  • @mpp
    Try reverting to MySensors 2.0.0 and update AVR to 1.6.18. made my node al lot more stable.

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