nRF24L01+ and without +. arduino pro micro?

  • Hi! this is my first thread and im kind of a newbie at mysensors. Ive made alot using arduinos before but this time i cannot make it work.
    i recently bought a nRF24L01+ pa (with antenna) and got it working with nocemcu from what i can see.
    I use the handy adapter boards ( ) and they seem to work good. i checked the voltage and its 3 volts to the module. ive also used a 10uf capacitor on vcc and ground soldered on.

    my problem is to get a node working with an arduino pro micro and i accidently bought the nRF24L01(without +) in 10packs and i cannot find the link for slowing down the rate to 1mbps to get them working.

    so my question:

    1. is it possible to use arduino pro micro?
    2. how should i change settings to get the modules without + working with my +module as gateway.
      ive tried different power supplys and with or without the adapter board.

    the output for my sensors is typical

    811645 TSF:MSG:SEND,255-255-255-255,s=255,c=3,t=7,pt=0,l=0,sg=0,ft=0,st=OK:
    813647 !TSM:FPAR:NO REPLY
    813647 TSM:FPAR

    i use domoticz as controller.
    im sorry if this is a common question. ive looked around trying to find a good thread.
    i love the creativity and i look forward to building!

  • Hi @slowbo!

    It seems you have already discarded power supply issues.

    It should be possible to make the module work with any arduino.

    In order to set the comms speed rate, you should add the following to your sketch:

    #define MY_RF24_DATARATE RF24_250KBPS

    Other options are RF24_1MBPS and RF24_2MBPS (however I think that only + modules support 2mbps).

    To be more sure, I usually also set the power and channel to all my nodes and gateway by adding:

    #define MY_RF24_PA_LEVEL RF24_PA_MAX
    #define MY_RF24_CHANNEL 100

    Other options for PA level are RF24_PA_MIN, RF24_PA_LOW, or RF24_PA_HIGH

    If they don't work yet, there is also a possibility that the modules are fake - some are known to be unreliable and other seem to be just incompatible with genuine ones.

    I hope this helps!

  • @manutremo thankyou very much for a good answer! I will try it out tonight. This information should be easier to find in some faq or am i the only one who made this mistake ? 🙂

  • @slowbo here you can find the documentation:
    There's also a list of all available config options.

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