Finalizing my very simple gateway

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    I am currently planing to update my mysensors setup (as making it more "professional", less wires) and build a new one somewhere else. For that I was looking for an easy/simple to build serial gateway and could not really find one. There are some great ones here like sensebender but these use hard to solder components and generally just more than I need.

    Here is my idea for a simple and relatively cheap gateway. It fits into a small and cheap box from aliexpress and contains an arduino nano, a nrf pa lna and a micro usb breakout for power.
    Hardware signing can be added with the atsha and I also added pins for 433Mhz sender and receiver. These could either be used on the gateway directly or using the same pcb with a normal nrf as a seperate node.

    I will finalize the pcb in the next days and send it to manufactoring. Any feedback from you guys until then? Anything you would add? Any errors you are seeing?


    PS Here is a picture of my prototype 0_1491944739483_OH433Gateway.jpg

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