Central Heating Controls

  • Has anyone developed a Central Heating control / Water heating control time clock that links via mysensors to HA envioronment? No point in re-inventing the wheel if its already mysensor invented?

    If not would anybody be interested in one ?

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    That's a quite general project. Heating systems may differ quite a lot from one another, so sw solution should be made accordingly

  • This :
    alt text iS typical UK time clock for central heating, has anyone built one like this for control ....

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    It depends if it is a normal relay on/off command or a bus communication. If it is the first case you could replace it with a node and a relay (could be arduino mini pro or esp8266 + relay) and a temperature sensor and set up the controller with time schedule and temperatures you want during the day. My personal suggestion if you have just an on/off command is to get something like a Netatmo thermostat (I have one and I am so happy with it) because they use a learning algorithm that adapts automatically according to your house heating system that keeps temperature constant taking advantage of the heating inertia (implementing it in a controller is really an hassle). For water heating it is simpler as you may just need a relay and schedule on/off on the controller

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