UPS Monitoring

  • 0_1494882379607_IMG_1089.JPG Hello,
    I have an UPS Vmark 650MK and I want to monitor it through Arduino and Domoticz.

    Can somebody help me with the code for reading the values from the panel?
    I have 3 LED's, Normal State, Backup and Fault.
    I want to read the values from those 3 LED's with HIGH and LOW / 1 and 0 in domoticz.

    Here is the schematic for the front panel.

  • Mod

    If voltage is less than 5v, just attach one cable to each led to a digital pin of the arduino and also common ground.

  • Personally I would use optocouplers. Using optocouplers gives you galvanic isolation of the two systems and prevents one system from negatively affecting the other. Not that it would under normal operation, but if something were to happen to either the UPS or to the node, you wouldn't get a back-feed of bad power into the other system.

    I have used the approach that @gohan mentions on my garage door opener node, but I only did that after testing the optocoupler approach and failed. Since you have LEDs that are being driven, the optocoupler approach should be no problem.

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