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  • Hi,

    There's a big theme park where I live & I'm thinking of implementing a bluetooth proximity sensor as a bracelet & app.
    This will allow users to connect their bracelet to their phone and keep track of whoever is wearing the bracelet.
    I'm really not very well versed in this technology so any help in layman's terms will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    So much for privacy 😄
    The problem would be to find a BT module that can scan and report more than 6 MAC Addresses as so far I only found that 6 is the maximum they can send back.

  • haha it's intended to be used by parents or those in charge of vulnerable persons.
    If it was maximum 3 bracelets per app/receiver would this be possible and bypass the need to scan and report more than 6 MAC Addresses?

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    It is the actual BT module you connect to arduino that reports only 6 mac addresses when asked to do a scan. Maybe you can find more professional ones but I doubt they will be on the cheap chinese shopping sites 😄

  • So if i wanted to implement technology much like this piece of hardware:

    That also reported the distance of the bluetooth beacon & signaled the app if the beacon moved x meters away. What would I need to make this happen?

    Thank you for your help

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    I think they are measuring the signal strength and making an estimate of the distance but they are only monitoring some specific MAC addresses while you would need to collect all the MAC addr you find in the area and then filter them out using a centralized controller (since I doubt you are willing to hard code all the addresses in the nodes that you will have to maintain later on). It all depends on the BT interface you find, the rest can be managed with code.

  • This is basically what we're trying to re-create. Would this not be a bluetooth proximity scanner?

    "The Protection Ad" by Nivea – 01:49
    — Bigumigu

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    Well, it's more a bt distance monitor. It is only monitoring a single device, while you would need to keep scanning the surroundings at regular intervals and report all devices in range with signal level, then filter only the ones you registered

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