nRF24L01+ mounted on a breadboard

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    I have an Arduino uno and an breadbord to make tests of new projects but got tired
    of to have the radio "nRF24L01+" hanging loose in the wires.
    I then find that there was an adapter to the ESP8266-01, "WiFi Module", to be used
    on an breadboard. The pin configuration is wrong so I put a label on the adapter
    and numbered the pins in accordance with nRF24L01+, pic 1. I also have to desolder the
    capacitor on the adapter, pic 2, this could be of diiferent kinds and other places.
    And now the radio fits on the breadboard!
    0_1495647986001_Pic 1.jpg 0_1495648016031_Pic 2.jpg

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    @MagnusF clever use of the adapter. I like it :)

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