HLD problems

  • That's my first post, so Wlecome!
    I'v got problems with my home automation project. I try to prepare HLD for it.
    Please help me with my head of terms:
    Domoticz serwer is runnig on Synology NAS (done)
    GW eth<>nrf to connect with some nodes outside the home (soil, rain, wind) - gw is working fine (Promini+nrf)

    1. Is it possible to create gwEthernet on Mega2560?
    2. Is it possible to use gwEthernet to connect some sensors, relays or rs485 modem?
      THX for all

  • Mod

    Hi and welcome.
    I do not understand what is HLD you are referring to.
    Ethernet gw works on Mega2560 just as the UNO as far as you use compatible network modules.
    You can add sensors or relays to gateway, just add the code as it was a normal node but don't use Sleep() at the end of loop, use wait() instead. RS485 is also supported as a gateway for communicating with nodes but you can't use both radio and RS485, so if you are running a NRF24 gateway you could still use RS485 for other purposes not for mysensors protocol.

  • THX for your response. You save me a lot of evenings. So i try to create central gwEth on mega+eth5100+NRF with relays set.
    HLD=High Level Design 🙂
    Thanks a lot.

  • Mod

    I have one mega2560+w5100 too running with gw sketch and a bunch of sensors, so you are good to go

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