Atmega328p and flash memory

  • Hello all,

    I'm trying to combine several sketches and unfortunately with signing i am running out of flash memory. The code cannot be optimised further.
    I do like atmega328p and wonder if there is any chance to use a serial SPI flash (the library is here to accommodate a larger sketch size? Or my only option is to switch to atmega1284?


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    @alexsh1 atmega328 does not support running code from external flash, so you are out of luck. You could also consider switching to a different cpu architecture (esp, atsamd, stm32,... ) with more flash.

  • @Yveaux Thanks. This is a battery run multisensor so ESP8266 is not an option. ESP32 is an overkill. I'm not that much familiar with other platforms so I suppose my only option is atmega1284 :((

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