Raspberry Pi (zero) as sensor node

  • I have looked at the guide on how to build a pi gateway, but I don't want my pi to work as a gateway, just as an ordinary (but a bit expensive) node.

    There is a parameter ( --my-gateway=none) in the configure-script (development branch) which looks like it may be possible to disable Gateway functionality.

    When I start the application I get this output:
    mysgw: Starting gateway...

    Does this parameter really disable gateway functionality or is it still acting as an gateway, but without an serial/ehternet/mqtt-interface?

  • @chsw Out of curiosity, why would you want a node that expensive? The new Pi zeros that come with WiFi are $10 US. By the time you ad the components for whatever sensor you want, that is pricey. Not to mention it is grossly overpowered for one or even a few sensors. Seems like it would be a waste IMHO.

  • I'm gonna use a Zero Wifi with a camera to monitor water consumption. Since I already have a mysensors network and mysensors can run on a raspberry pi, I might as well hook up a radio and transmit it on the sensor-network.

    To answer my own question, looking at the code it looks like it will disable the gateway functionality. The "Starting gateway..." text doesn't look at the flags controlling the behavior. I haven't hooked up a radio to my pi yet, so I haven't verified it.

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    Hello, sorry to bring this topic back from the grave, but did you managed to do this! I also have a use case for a raspberry pi zero w as node! Is this possible? And will I be able to react to a mysensors income message with a scrip in the pi? I want to send some tcp packages by wifi when a specific message arrives. If this is not possible I will need to make this kind of solution but with a esp8266, but since I have some pies already doing this job I would prefer to do with them! I want to bypass the need to have the controller online to this specific message!

    Thank you

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    Overpowered smart devices are a security risk. Especially if they communicate via TCP-IP and are connected to your normal home network.

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