communicate is good for first time for relays and sensors but after some days will be weak and some time stop working !

  • hi friends
    i have a raspberry gateway with domoticz controller.
    i use nrf+pa for gateway and one relay device (far away from gateway) and use usual nrf for some devices near same relay device (with nrf+pa) . this device is repeater for other devices. so all devices use a relay device with nrf+pa for connect to gateway.
    but i have problem . first all is ok and speed of run command is very much (Specially , relay device that is repeater) . but after days (without any change and move devices and controller) speed of run command is very low (Specially , relay device that is repeater) and other devices dont work well or failed in communicate .
    i use a ams1117 reg with a 100u cap for radio. and use a 5v 40A power supply for all devices (5 devices) and relay device (repeater).
    with a reset for controller or repeater and again work well but aftr days again...
    any body have same problem and have a idea or solution for this problem ?
    is that related to arduino or radio ? perhaps these is made in china.(but first time have good communicate !

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    Do you have nodes connected to the gateway or only to the repeater?

  • @gohan thank you for answer . yes i have an other relay device in other rooms that is connect to gateway directly. this is also some time ok and some time is weak in communicate or fail. do you have similar experience?

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    I was just asking if it was possible to pinpoint the issue on the repeater or the gateway. I'd start to first try to update gateway with library 2.2.0 and see what happens.

  • @gohan do you think this is related to library 2.1.1 ?
    2.2.0 have not any bug ?
    if that is ok so i will update gateway and nodes

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    So far I don't have any problem. But update GW only first, otherwise you can not find out where the problem was.

  • @gohan ok thank you. i will update this and come back tomorrow 🌹

  • @gohan i see now. i am using v 2.2.0 for gateway . but 2.2.0 for 4-5 month ago. i need to update to last changes in v 2.2.0 ? ?

  • i see communicate operation carefully for 3 days. because i can not use arduino serial monitor for 3 days (power on pc for 72 hours). so i see just T LED (transmit) on arduino in nodes (relay and repeater).
    as I said before i use a relay for repeater and some sensors and other relay connect to gateway from this repeater node(because radio in repeater is strong).
    so now i see, sensors is ok and send command from node to gateway with repeater.
    but when i send a command from controller to repeater or other relay node(that use same repeater) i have error, i see LED in repeater dont blink when i send command from controller .

    generally when node want send command to controller connection between repeater and gateway is ok but when controller want send command to node (repeater node and other relay nodes) i have error. the T led on arduino in repeater and other relay node dont blink ( not always. but most time, for example every 20 or 30 command one command is send but with a most delay for exapmle 5 or 10 second.) this is strange because first days work well !

    for controller i use a nrf+pa and use pa_max for all node and gateway.
    i use 5v pinout on raspberry for radio . and use a regulator adapter (ams1117) with 100u cap for radio.

    can you help me to found problem ? is this related to gateway (v2.2.0 for 5 month ago) or repeater (sketch) or chinese devices(hardware) ?

    thank you

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    try update to latest libray first thing, then try also power other power levels pa_low and pa_high (some modules don't work well with pa_max)

  • @gohan thank you i will try update and change to pa_high

  • @gohan sorry friend but how i can remove old version and install new update?

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    I just clone the repository, stop the mysgw service, compile and run the install process if it doesn't start automatically on boot (maybe there is a better way to do it)

  • @gohan i change this . do i need change pa_max in repeater node?i will test in next 3 days .thank you

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    No, do one change at a time or you will not be able to pinpoint the problem

  • @gohan
    again i have this error after 3 hours.
    i test repeater, in this state (error in communicate) i reset repeater. but problem is related to controller or gateway . because after reset , repeater can not connect to gateway, or very hard and bad connect.

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    don't you have any other radio modules to try, right?

  • @gohan
    i tested before. but test with similar radio from same Producer. other radios have support 5-6 meter distance for me. but this model support 15 i am using this for controller and repeater. do you think this is related to this model of radio ?

  • this is strange for me, why sensors can send to gateway. but gateway can not send to relay node. is not related to power of radio ?
    both "transfer" and "receive" need to same power ? i use regulator ams1117 and 100u cap but perhaps this modules is fake !?

  • after reboot raspberry again work well for a time .but again...

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