Sensebender pinout

  • Hi,

    I just got my sensebender gateway, added the w5100 module and was about to add a RFM69HCW module but I got confused by the pinout on the Mysx 2.6.
    By reading the mysx docs I assumed Pin1 was the "square one", but according to the docs it's 3.3V but I measured 5V between Pin1 and 4...??

    Are there any "simple" pinout images of the mysx/Sensebender like there's for Arduino's?

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    Why not just using a RFM69HW module, which can be mounted on the backside?

    Besides that, pin 1 is Vraw (according to mysx specification), and carries +5V on the gateway (connected to Vusb). Pin2 is 3v3 from the onboard regulator.

  • Apply face to palm ...., I must have read it completely wrong. πŸ˜•

    Oh, can I mount it directly on the backside...interesting! Can a RFM69HW module communicate with a RFM69HCW ? πŸ™‚

  • Mod

    @Alpoy yes that can. The main (only?) difference is that the C model has an older pinout.

  • Nice, thanks for helping guys! πŸ‘

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