have not mysensors team any plans for add esp8266 ?

  • hi friends
    thank you my sensors team.
    esp8266 is very good in connection. i test it with espeasy. i have very error in connection with nrf and have not rfm69. now i test espeasy with nodemcu and this is very good in connection, have not mysensors team any plans for add esp8266 similar to nrf and rfm ? i think this is very better for devices that dont use battery...

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    Hello, it is supported already...

  • @Nca78 hi . no for just gateway.now we have esp8266 just for connection between gateway and controller. i means WSN. esp instead of nrf . all of network Based on esp.
    i had very problem with nrf , nrf+pa for distance and wall ... but i test with espeasy and domoticz.and solve all problem.
    now i am using espeasy for relay and mysensors for sensors.
    before , i discussed about this issue. and most of mysensors team told me choose nrf for saving energy for transmit. so nrf is Appropriate for sensors with battery . but for relay or sensors with power switching 5v , esp8266 is a better choose. also we dont need a separate gateway or connect a nrf to raspberry. Raspberry their can a gateway and can a controller with out any wiring and separate radio

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    It's not possible, there is no wifi direct functionality in ESP8266 so all ESP8266 have to connect to your wifi router.
    From there it makes no sense to implement node to node communication as all nodes need to connect to the router. So just use your ESP8266 as gateways and it will do what you want.

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    @Nca78 someone wise told me something about wasting time 😉

  • @Nca78 i know all devices get ip and connect to router . so router connect to controller and domoticz. a star network. if there was some sketch for use esp in my sensors so we can connect a sensor with nrf and for example a relay with esp.for example a motion sensor trigger with nrf and send to domoticz so domoticz can send a message to domoticz and turn on buzzer (for example)
    this site is IOT+DIY , not IOT + DIY + JUST NRF ! i think every idea about iot share this site , this is better. wire and wireless. nrf , rfm , esp and other module for other frequency
    sorry for my english but i means IOT+DIY must support each things that is can smart.i think this is not bad if part of site allocate to esp ...

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    What you are asking for, is already working with mysensors! A gateway can have local sensors / actuators, and it doesn't need to have an NRF/RFM radio attached for working.

    So basically:

    1. Create a ESP8266 gateway without defining a radio (nrf / rfm)
    2. Add sensor / actuator of some kind, to the sketch, and voila..

  • @tbowmo
    really ?! so we can control relay and sensor with a esp8266 gateway ?
    can you a simple example for relay and sensor?
    thank you

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    Using an esp8266 as a sensor node with nrf24 is possible.

    An example sketch for relay is available at https://www.mysensors.org/build/relay
    D1 on the esp8266 is unused by the nrf24 so you can use that for the relay.

    #define RELAY_1  D1

    Wiring instructions for the nrf and esp8266 is available at https://www.mysensors.org/build/connect_radio#nrf24l01+-&-esp8266

  • @mfalkvidd
    please explain more . so i can use Dx for control relay ? with wifi ?
    can you share a complete sketch for a one channel relay?
    i want build a 8 channel relay with key. nodemcu have not 16 pinout that is true ?

  • how to send to domoticz, and how receive message from domoticz and action...

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    @Reza yes it is true that nodemcu does not have 16 output pins

  • @mfalkvidd in espeasy added a plugin for support a arduino promini for extender gpio .and can use arduino's gpio for increase device. arduino promini is connect to nodemcu with a I2C, can we build this ? espeasy have some problem for example we can not use arduino's gpio for input switch. just we can use for sensors. every delay time send state of gpio and we can not change code and put a IF for input switch

  • please share a short and simple code for use esp gateway for relay control.until i read this and work and extend this .thank you

  • Has anyone thought of using serial over ethernet? I would think that you could do that similar to having a straight serial connection. I do believe that ESPEasy supports serial over ethernet. I can check when I get home since that is what I am running on all of my Sonoffs. I am using a custom plugin on my Vera to run them, but I do have a couple spare Sonoffs that I could try a serial connection with. The only thing would be what GPIO pins are available on a Sonoff or other ESP8266 device to act as the serial side of the gateway.

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