Scene controller: how to do it bidirectional

  • I have built a scene controller based on an sonoff touch switch. When I do a long press it cycles through the scenes. The devices created in domoticz are used as activation devices for several scenes. (color / brightness of my TV back light) So fa so good. Sometimes I use my smartphone to activate a scene. After this domoticz and the scene controller are out of sync. How do I update it's state? Domoticz does not send a status back to the activation device, right? So what's the best way? Lua?

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    who is the scene controller?

  • @gohan The sonoff touch switch. (Based on esp8266)

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    but why aren't you configuring the scenes in Domoticz?

  • @gohan I do! The scene controller activates domoticz scenes. Like this one:

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    so do you have a screen that goes out of sync when you change the scene from domoticz directly, correct? If so I'd say you add another child id and present something that can receive an integer value from domoticz that is going to update the scene on the screen; then add in the scene the instruction to send the scene number to the sonoff. Sorry I can't be very specific as I never worked on this kind of setup.

  • I would thing about the design, is it realy needed to show currently selected scene on the scene controller ? This makes the information redundant and therefore more prone to such errors.

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    that is the point of a display, to show information but if info is wrong it is missing the purpose :)

  • I would argue about that :), the display can be used as a very flexible control panel without any state. This simplifies things a lot. I'm just sharing my expirience, it may be just not worth the effort :)

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