Is it possible to have an Ethernet Gateway also act as a node(Single Arduino setup)?

  • Hi,

    Got a Vera Lite and would like to start out with only one nano acting as an Gateway and for a start do some basic onewire temperature operations. Later one I can all ways add more nodes when I need them(If I need them).

    So can I do a "gw.send(msg.setSensor(i).set(temperature,1));" from within the gateway code and that way makes it act both like a gateway and a node ?


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    No, it's not possible.. As gw.send() is sending everything to the radio, and the radio can't listen to itself.

    As an alternative, You could emulate the protocol your self, and use that to send sensor data.

    / Thomas

  • Though so.. Will try to see if I can rewrite/add gw.local.send based on the original code.


  • I you success so let us know, I think that we are some out here that are interested in this.

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    The question has been raised before, but answers lead in different directions.. When I asked about it a month ago, the answer from @hek was that it wouldn't work

    At the same time, it is mentioned in other threads that it could be done, but you have to do your own serial transmit functions

    I'm still in for doing some experimentation on the GW, even though hek says it's not advisable to do it 🙂 Just waiting for my shipment from mouser to arrive with components :).

  • Thanks for the info. I will try a see if I can get some time during christmas. At least give it a try..


  • So I did use some time to implement a gw with local sensors.
    And to be honest I gave up.. The existing code is awesome and don't have that much room to implement it. I did make some progress, but all that would be undone with an update.
    So compared to the time it took me to wire up an Arduino Pro Mini with humidity and temperature sensor(20min) and the cost of it. My life is to short:)


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