Omron SSR with 3.3V node

  • Guys,
    I like the Omron G3MB-202 SSR
    So far I have used these on 5V arduinos
    I am now moving on towards my next project (touch wall switch) and would like to go for 3.3V nodes
    Any of you using these SSRs with 3.3V trigger ?
    Thanks a lot for your return ;)

  • Hero Member

    Hello @ben999,

    I have not had any problem with those relays (at least the cheap clones from aliexpress) when running the full board at 3.3V (using HLK-PM03).

  • @Nca78
    Thank you for sharing your experience
    There are resistors and transistors on the relay board... I guess the relay is triggered via a transistor then...
    Do you run the relay itself (black bloc only) straight from the arduino output?

  • Hero Member

    @ben999 yes, directly connected. I suppose transistor is here for the case when your board signal voltage is too low compared to the voltage of the SSR as the necessary current for SSR is low.

  • @Nca78
    Orders on the way then!!

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