Another option for AC/DC power? CUI PBO-3 and PBO-5

  • Got an email today from Mouser about a new series of AC/DC modules, and wasn't sure how the idea would compare to things like the HLK units that we are starting to see used.

    The package details are at

    I'm still fairly new in electronics design, so some of it goes over my head, but on that page they have the diagrams with the application circuits. Does that design mean that in order to use this module, you would need the module itself, PLUS all of the fuses, varistors, caps etc in that application note? Does that then mean that this module would be analogous to just the HLK module on its own as well?

    I think this is the reason I haven't yet gone down the route of sensors powered directly from AC (As much as I want to!), is that there doesn't really seem to be a pcb module that has everything included.

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    6 and 9€ are not very cheap since you can grab a phone charger for less than half the price. Unless you really need the compact size.

  • Not so much cost as an issue, but more being able to pack things into small size requirements, such as light switch casings or junction boxes. I'm happy to use phone chargers for some sensors, but things like light switch sensors and garage or outdoor sensors I need sealed options.

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    @gohan there are a couple of horrible examples of phone chargers... I have 2 incidents if you want pictures. HLK isn't very cheap either ($3 on eBay with getting a clone risk included) but I'm happy to pay a couple of $ more if I'm going to embed the sensor.

  • Short answer about the additional components is yes. The datasheet has a recommended circuit and about 1/2 the parts listed are noted as required.

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    So it seems the 6€ are for the transformer only plus you need to build the circuit around it

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    With those additional components that are required I don't think it's that compact anymore.

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