DHT 11 Domoticz problem

  • Hello Everyone.

    I'm rookie Arduino user.

    I've got some problems with my DHT11 + sketch from MySensors website.

    The only change I've made is added line:

    #define MY_GATEWAY_SERIAL - (since I am connected via USB cable)

    Sketch loaded to Arduino UNO
    Arduino connected with Raspberry PI 2 B with Domoticz installed.

    Sketch compiled ok - serial monitor screen below
    0_1504608790370_arduino monitor DHT.jpg

    Domoticz Hardware seems to be ok - named DHT I can see some data.

    Problem starts when I get to devices - basically it is empty.

    Please help - where is my mistake ?

  • Mod

    try to comment out the MY_DEBUG

  • Thank You gohan

    Commenting MY_DEBUG solved the problem.

    Could You explain please what this function does ? should I always comment it/ delete ? or there are some reasons for using that ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mod

    My Debug is for debug, it adds extra info into the serial output and those info are not handled by the controller and it starts acting weird

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