Help with communication and debug output

  • Hi people, I would appreciate some help maybe , spent couple days trying to solve this but it proves beyond me:
    I am using UNO and Nano boards ( have few )
    I am trying first to see / achieve communication between 2 nodes ( serial gateway and a motion sensor )
    I have tried using all versions of the library, but only have debug output with 1.3 - others produce nothing except "gateway started" and nothing on node( I did enable debug as specified)
    I have also tried the pingpair examples and they work fine and both nodes see and talk to each other just fine.
    Sensor produces following "
    Started sensor.
    Open ping reading pipe: 255
    Tx: fr=255,to=255,la=255,ne=255,ci=255,mt=4,ty=9,cr=184:
    No relay nodes was found. Trying again in 10 seconds.
    Tx: fr=255,to=255,la=255,ne=255,ci=255,mt=4,ty=9,cr=184: "

    and gateway:
    0;0;4;11;No route... try sending direct.
    0;0;4;11;Tx: fr=0,to=0,la=0,ne=0,ci=0,mt=0,ty=0,cr=195: 
    0;0;4;11;Ack: receive timeout"

    1.4 or the dev branch produces no messages at all except gateway started...
    I would think that because ping pair working, the radio seem to be functioning well?
    Could anyone point me to the issue ?

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