Where are the debug messages documented ?

  • Hello,
    I am relatively new to MySensors and now trying to get my first sensor up. My serial gateway runs on an Arduino Uno, which is connected to a Raspbery Pi 2. So far, so good.
    I am now trying to prototype a temperature/humidity sensor with a DYPTH01.
    I get a bunch of debug output from the gateway and from the sensor (also on a Uno) , with quite a few of "fail", so I guess that something is wrong. Now I am trying to find out what is wrong ...K
    I have searched quite a bit, but I was not successful to find any documention on how to interpret the debug output. May I ask a kind soul to please point me to a description ? Or have I really browse through the source code of MySensors ?
    Any help is highly welcome. Thanks a bunch in advance.

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    @joshmosh , if you enabled debug you should see messages going in and out on serial monitor.

    Message format is described here: http://www.mysensors.org/download/serial_api_14

  • @rvendrame
    Thank you very much for your reply. I know that part of the documentation quite well, since I have written a serial gateway emulator to send sensor data, which is collected locally on the Raspberry Pi to the controller (Domoticz). My question relates to the other stuff, which looks like 0-0-255-255 pt=7 c=3 etc. My guess is that this is the debug information, whereas the other stuff (0;0;3;9; as an example) is the serial gateway protocol. I would like to know the meaning of the debug messages, because I think these may be useful to help me in debugging my code.

    Thanks a lot again

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  • @hek: Ah, ok, thanks a lot ! That gives some clarification and will hopefully help to catch the bugs.

    Thank you !

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