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  • Hi All,
    I am at the moment a bit confused about the usage of RFM69 HW or/ and W. Think too much informations spread over many many posts... 😉
    I want to rebuild my Sensors Netwirk based on RFM 868 Radios to replace the existing NRF24L01 where i have more and more problems with the coverage. I've saw in some posts different Statements about the usage for example on battery powered nodes. Some guys say its preffered to use on the gateway a RFM69 HW and on the battery powered nodes the W Version.
    So whats now correct? Because I am from Germany and heard from some guys here, that the W Version is not allowed to use due to a too powerfull Signal. Hope somebody here can give me the right direction 🙂



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    The HW is the high power version. Also nrf24 have high power versions. About the German regulations I have no idea. Maybe you could consider the 433mhz version

  • Ahh great... thanks for the infromation. But beside any regulations, does it makes sense to fit a HW Version on the Gateway and use on the nodes W versions?

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    It makes sense to use a better antenna too on the gateway so you can use the w version on nodes to save some power. But it's all about signal strength in the house

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    @Markus - it makes sense to use the H when you need it.
    H is good on the gw as @gohan said, but in the same time - if your w node is to far away it will not be able to reach the GW even it the gw is a H.

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    @sundberg84 that's why I suggested to use a better antenna on the GW 🙂

  • Hi Both,

    many thanks for the Information... Regarding the modules a last question.. 😉
    Are the RFM69CW or HCW modules in view of the communication fully compatible to W or HW Modules? I know the footprint and maybe the pinout is different.

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    the C modules are for Compatibility with an older radio module, so they are a bit smaller and a slight different pinout but still the same communication

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