Bosch BME680 Sensor

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    I just created a sketch for controlling a BME680 sensor via I2C.
    For the ones who are interested in it, the sketch can be downloaded at:

    First of all there is to say that this is still a beta version as the library supplied with the breakout-board did not work as expected. But luckily I found another one that seems to be working. I can't tell you how reliable the air quality values are, but I will compare it with my MQ-135 sensor values the next days.

    The pressure is, like on the BME280 ,an absolute value. The sketch calculates the sealevel pressure from it.

    I am using the breakout board from watterott which can be found here:

    One of the recommended libs has an error, which will hopefully be fixed in future. Maybe I will port the code to use that one in future:

    Right now you have to download this library in order to be able to compiile the sketch:
    The sketch is derived from one of the samples includes in that library.

    I am using a standard Arduino Uno with Radio attached to the standard pins with the mysensors 2.0 lib.
    To connect the breakout-board you need 4 wires:

    Breakout --> Arduino
    GND - GND
    VCC - 3.3V
    SCL - A5
    SDA - A4

    The chip supports SPI and I2C. I used SCL and SDA for I2C and left SDO and CS disconnected.

    The next steps will be making the air quality values useful by finding appropriate thresholds... stay tuned.

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