Power supply for PMS-7003

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    Hi all,
    First time poster here! I am dabbling with some of these great mysensors projects. I have successfully setup an Arduino UNO Gateway which is connected via Ethernet to my network and via the radio module to a PIR sensor. All good!

    Now I am trying to setup a PMS-7003 dust sensor. I wasn't sure of the range from my existing Gateway so I thought I would try and setup another Gateway this time using a LoLin V3 NodeMcu and connecting via my WiFi. So I have used the code from here https://www.mysensors.org/build/esp8266_gateway and that is working fine. My plan is to connect the dust sensor directly to this Gateway. Thus I inserted the code from here: https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/6404/next-generation-dust-sensor-for-mysensors

    This compiles and loads fine. HOWEVER, when I connect the dust sensor the board seems to crash or shuts down until I unplug it and leave it for a while. When the dust sensor is plugged in I can hear the fan inside working. I am plugging the dust sensor into VU and the GND pin beside it for power. Then I have modified the code and I am using pins 7 and 8 for the serial communication (I have also tried pins 1 and 2).

    From the discussion here: https://community.particle.io/t/dust-sensor-pms-5003-6003-7003/24221/49
    I thought this would work but it isn't. Ideas? Do I have to supply with a separate power supply (the specs say it draws less than 100mA though?)

    Edit: Could it be my laptop isn't supplying enough current?

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    ESP8266 uses 3-400mA alone... I'd try using and external power supply just to play safe

  • Just for anyone following in the future. Looks like it might have been a dodgy USB cable. All is working well now.
    Thanks for looking.

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