veralite ui5 not seeing distance sensor in 1.4

  • ok here is problem added distance sketch from my sensors and when included, plugin saw 2 devices, node1 and distance 1.
    both boxes are blank as well as my sensors plugin box
    Have been using temp/humidity successfully for the last few weeks. After including new device allboxes ( distance,temp,hum,and plugin) are there but blank.
    Using veralite ui5, lib 1.4 and issue 1.4
    I have tried with only distance deleting the temp portion and reinstalling plugin and including with same results. reverting back to both units gave the same results?
    I have included pic .
    Is there something I missed and need to do with the gw? or new node?

    It is on a pro mini 5v clone with3 v regulator for radio and seemed to compile correctly and uploaded with no problems
    any ideas

  • Screenshot (24).png

  • Admin

  • Thanks @hek!

    Another problem solved for the rookie!

  • all sensors are good now thanks! @hek

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